We Are STIGMA Positivity Campaign – Let Them Know You See Their Good Deeds

Our First Responders all face horrific realities in the course of their duties.  We have seen all too often how such events have taken their toll on these heroes.  We Are STIGMA believes all First Responders and Citizens need to recognize the harsh reality of line-of-duty Mental Injuries and show outward support for those suffering, in an effort to ease their suffering and to work toward the elimination of the stigma associated to Mental Injury. 

In recent years first responders have been the subjects of reports in the media for neglect, sexual harassment and criminal allegations.  While certainly some of these cases have merit, most are reported as concluded facts, long before investigations are complete or a court process begins.  It is not the position of We Are STIGMA to understate legitimate complaints.  However, it is the experience of many first responders, that there has been a media frenzy, feeding on allegations made toward a very small group of their peers; overshadowing the amazing everyday work of their organizations and brothers/sisters in service.

Police officers have clearly borne the brunt of this negativity but it’s not difficult to find troubling news stories relating to Paramedics or Firefighters.

First Responders deal in human tragedy on a daily basis and are called to service in the worst circumstances – even with the best training and efforts, mistakes are going to happen.  In addition, no matter how well these agencies vet applicants, there will always be a few poor candidates that get through the cracks in the recruiting process.  

Despite these unavoidable issues, your amazing emergency service workers do heroic work each and every day and play a very positive role in society through even the simplest of their daily interactions with the public.

The truth is, almost all of our (more than 120,000) full time emergency service workers in Canada are good and brave people who deserve your praise and support; sadly the adverse media reports, that focus on the very few negative cases, takes a toll on these dedicated professionals.  The fallout from such adverse media attention also results in changes in attitudes toward our first responders by certain members of the public who treat these heroes with outward disdain.  Couple this with the mental injuries our emergency service workers face every year and it becomes a very heavy burden to carry.   


We Are STIGMA does not want to hide issues or diminish victims of abuse of authority in any way. However, we do want to see the everyday good and heroic acts of our first responders celebrated by the communities they serve across Canada.  

How can you get involved?  

1) Buy a We Are STIGMA window sticker and display in on your vehicle’s rear window or window/door of your business entrance; this will act as a billboard for all first responders to see that you too believe in the elimination of stigma and support them in their daily heroic efforts.  The more stickers they see the more support they feel on both of these fronts.

2) When you have a positive interaction with a first responder, for any reason, from asking for advice to receiving assistance during a difficult situation, take a few minutes to send a quick email to We Are STIGMA and the first responder’s respective organization to let them know how you were helped.  We Are STIGMA will document your positive input and add it to our upcoming blog page for the world to see.  

3) Buy a We Are STIGMA lapel pin to tell first responders that you stand with them and openly support anyone dealing with mental injury or illness.  For anyone struggling with either of these issues, the lapel pin tells them you are there for them should they need you.

Join the We Are STIGMA effort today…help to eliminate the stigma of Mental Injury and show First Responders you support their daily efforts.  

Thank you!